Howland Tool Facilities

Our New Building

Complete Molding Facilities:


Our state-of-the-art computer aided design system guarantees a fast turn around. When problems occur, revisions can usually be made the same day.


We have the capabilities to produce a mold to your complete specifications. Corrections and / or revisions are completed on-site to your satisfaction.

Molding the Product...

Once the molds desired are perfected, the product itself can then be manufactured. This is all done on the premises. Our molding facility is equipped to manufacture parts up to ten ounces in weight and in some cases we may go higher in part weight.


We have the technology to take existing molds and rebuild them to a condition of higher dependability. Therefore this extends their productivity and service life.

Prototypes & Short Runs...

A supply of mold bases are always stocked, which allows prototyping of a specific component before an expensive production tool is built. These mold bases are also used for short runs, this enables us to produce cavities and cores at a much lesser cost than a complete mold.

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