" Scratch Em’s " are unique scratching devices that will allow your customers to divulge the secrets beneath the surface of those lottery and game cards easier than ever before. Give them to your valued customers or sell them at our low suggested price.
"Scratch Em’s " design allows the user to direct the pressure to the area that needs to be removed in a controlled stroke unlike other devices. This is a result of the new finger pocket design.
" Scratch Em’s " are available in five standard colors, red, white, blue, black and ivory and comes with an assembled ball chain to attach it to existing key chains or create a new unique key holder. Custom solid colors are available upon request at an addition charge.
" Scratch Em’s " are also available to you in a variety of different colors and quantities. Unlike other distributors, you no longer have to purchase large amounts of unwanted inventory.

You can order " Scratch Em’s " in any quantity and any mix of colors.
You’re the boss !

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